Full Name: Anna Rebecca Zielinski
Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Place of Birth: Harvard, Massachusettes

Birthday: February 16, Aquarius
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Mexican & Filippino
Hobbies: Cooking, Guitar, & Golf

Anna Zielinski began her acting career literally by accident. After graduating with a B.S. in Accounting from Louisiana Tech University, Anna took a job in San Antonio, TX. However, Anna’s passion was dance not accounting. So to satisfy the needs of her creative side, Anna decided to try-out for the NBA Spurs Silver Dancers. She ended up dancing for the Spurs for a few years. Unfortunately, during her last year with the Silver Dancers, Anna tore her ACL which quickly put an end to her dancing career, and that meant an end to her creative outlet. The recovery time after her knee surgery was a difficult one. It was six months of crunching numbers and changing icepacks on her knee, Anna soon realized that she needed something else to fill the gap in her life. As they say, “misery loves company” and Anna’s “company” got tired of hearing about her misery. So, her friends encouraged her to look into acting as her new creative outlet. Reluctantly, she began to research the subject by reading books and trying classes. Slowly, Anna started to see the parallels between dance and acting and this in turn, gave her the confidence to pursue the craft.

As a result, Anna signed with a small talent agency in San Antonio and had immediate success with bookings in regional commercials, print ads, and music videos. More acting opportunities started to present themselves in Dallas, TX. So after a year of commuting to and fro, Anna quit her job in San Antonio and pursued acting fulltime in Dallas for 3 years. There she was cast in a pilot for PBS, had leading roles in independent films, and worked regularly doing industrials and national commercials.

In 2003, Anna made her move to Los Angeles. Presently, she works as the host of the INHD Travel Show “Caribbean Escapes”, continues to be featured in national commercials, and has made television appearances on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” and works as “Agent Remy” in Fox’s new drama, “Vanished.”
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